Light constructions and buildings with a large share of glazing face the problem of overheating in summer. Unlike in old buildings with thick solid walls, the lack of thermal mass allows large oscillations in the temperatures and makes them increase far beyond the compulsory comfort range. Costly, oversized air-conditioning systems become necessary and a high energy demand for cooling is the consequence.


GLASSX products prevent these temperature peaks by replacing the missing thermal capacity. The technology is based on a thin layer of translucent PCM (Phase-Change-Material). At room temperature, 16mm (5/8 inch) of this material can absorb as much heat as a 250mm (10 inch) thick concrete wall.

This unique characteristic makes it possible to replace solid walls by glass elements. It prevents the building from overheating in summer while maximizing the use of daylight.


Depending on the building’s architecture and orientation, the PCM layer is installed separately, integrated into an insulating glazing unit or can be combined with a shading device.