GLASSX®crystal is an all-in-one façade element for homes and office buildings in light construction. It consists of a PCM core layer complemented by insulation glazing and integrated shading. GLASSX®crystal is the only product worldwide that combines all characteristics of a perfect façade:

  • Translucence – for a pleasant daylight atmosphere inside
  • Optimal insulation – to keep the warmth where it belongs
  • Seasonally-variant shading – for solar gains only in winter
  • Thermal storage capacity – to absorb internal and external heat loads

GLASSX®crystal stands out clearly against standard façade products such as opaque insulation, solid walls or double/triple glazing. Optically it behaves like glass but thermally like a solid wall. GLASSX®crystal is framed and mounted just like a standard insulated glass unit. It can be applied floor-to-ceiling, and also as parapet or skylight.


For a customized solution, all GLASSX®crystal components can be combined as a modular system. The combination with products of other manufacturers is also possible.